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[Bug 720063] [NEW] [87 new] Expansion: please add Thai script [th-TH]


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Filing a bug as requested by Paul.

I'm attaching my sketch of an Ubuntu-like Thai font, with some
documentation I wrote up for it that goes into some of the problems with
creating recognizable glyph shapes.  I'll blithely ignore the technical
problems of font design, since so many others have written that up.

I wouldn't recommend using my font sketch per se, since it's a bit
unconventional, but it may help illustrate what's essential.  More
conventional fonts always show the little "circles" at the starting
point of each glyph's written form.  My sketch leaves those out,
representing them in other ways (they are usually significant).  I'm not
a native reader of this language, but my impression is that it makes a
big difference to legibility.  Books and letters always include them, as
far as I'm aware, even if e.g. magazine articles may not.

As a very quick illustration, these are all different letters: กภถฦฤฎฏ
ดตค ผฝพฟฬบป ฌณญ.  Those last letters with and without subscript vowel:
ฌฌุฌู ณณุณู ญญุญู.

Note that there is a strong association with Lao [lo], so these two
blocks may want tackling at the same time:

  http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0E00.pdf (Thai)
  http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0E80.pdf (Lao)

** Affects: fonts-ubuntu (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Medium
         Status: Triaged

** Tags: uff-dm-new uff-expansion uff-thai
[87 new] Expansion: please add Thai script [th-TH]
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