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[Bug 2019045] Re: [snap] New Ubuntu font with normal weight displayed as bold in Google Docs in Chromium after upgrading to Lunar


I doubt this is relevant — it was long ago and before any snap was used
by default — but I recall that when we started to use Noto fonts for CJK
languages in Xenial, there was initially an issue in Chrome/Chromium
where it used the wrong weight if the font file included multiple
weights (bug #1575555). The Debian/Ubuntu resolution to that issue was
to switch to another font packaging model, where one font file per
weight was used.

We also reported it as a font issue, but that didn't lead to anything:

This Ubuntu font issue is also about Chromium and font files with
multiple weights...

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  [snap] New Ubuntu font with normal weight displayed as bold in Google
  Docs in Chromium after upgrading to Lunar

Status in chromium-browser package in Ubuntu:
Status in fonts-ubuntu package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  I am experiencing a rendering regression after upgrading from Kinetic to Lunar.
  Google Docs using the Ubuntu font family are displayed incorrectly in Chromium: the normal weight font is rendered identically to the bold weight one, instead of being thicker than light and thinner than medium.

  Printing is also affected, unless I use Google Docs' download to PDF
  function, although that probably triggers a server-side rendering.

  This issue does not occur in Firefox or Google Chrome.

  One thing that may be relevant: if I force-refresh my test Google Doc
  I see all four Ubuntu font lines initially being rendered as bold. The
  light and medium lines are then re-rendered with the correct weight.
  It's as if bold was the default weight and the normal variant

  As far as I can tell I was already running Chromium 112.0.5615.49 in
  Kinetic, and with Chromium being a snap I don't quite understand why
  the Ubuntu series would matter.

  I have also tried version 114.0.5735.16 (in latest/beta at the
  moment); the symptoms are identical.

  The attachments show the rendering error.

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