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Draft Licensing FAQ + trivial patch to DRIZZLE.FAQ


Hey Folks,

I've roughed out a licensing FAQ. Comments are welcome.


Drizzle Licensing FAQ

Q1. How is Drizzle licensed?

A1. The Drizzle server is licensed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License - the same license as the community edition of the MySQL (R) DBMS
    and the Linux(R) kernel.

The Drizzle client distributed with the Drizzle server is licensed under the New BSD license. Clients developed by other parties may have different
    licensing terms.

    GNU GPL v2:

    GNU GPL v2 FAQ:

    New BSD License:

Q2. Can I use Drizzle with non-GPL licensed applications?

A2. Yes (except for the case where you wish to distribute an extended or
    embedded copy of the Drizzle server - see question Q3.)

Drizzle uses a publically-defined client-server protocol. Interaction with the GPL-licensed Drizzle server through this public interface does not create a combined program with Drizzle and thus does not require that the
    interacting program be GPL-licensed.

Additionally, the Drizzle client library is licensed under the New BSD license, a permissive Free Software/Open Source license that places few
    restrictions on licensees.

Q3. Can I embed the Drizzle server in my non-GPL-licensed application?

A3. No.

    Note that privately, you can modify the Drizzle server as you like.
However, you can only distribute your modified version if the entire
    program is licensed lunder the GNU GPL.

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