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Re: Drizzle Replication Question


On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 11:54 AM, Jay Pipes<Jay.Pipes@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> cc'ing the list since it may be interesting to others...
> Padraig O'Sullivan wrote:
>> Hey Jay,
>> Here's a quick question on something I want to do that you might be
>> able to help me with. For fun and because I think its a really
>> interesting project, I'm writing a memcached applier which simply
>> pushes update and delete events to a memcached server (for now).
>> Basically, it enables someone to keep a pro-active cache easily.

As someone who has reviewed all of the diffs for the replication
changes made by Justin and Wei in the Google patches (limited fun was
had by all who modified the code and reviewed the changes), my only
response is .... wow.

If making such a change in drizzle is easy and/or fun then drizzle is
amazing and gives MySQL a chance of remaining relevant for large-scale
datacenter deployments.

Mark Callaghan

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