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Re: Language choice for Drizzle client


> 1) How do you feel about Python as a language choice? Would Python be a
> good language to code a Drizzle client in?

I think that Python is a fine choice - I think it will also spur more
development, so ++ here.

> 2) Would you be unable to use a client written in Python 3? What is the
> oldest version of Python we should support?

I think that, for probably eternity, 3 should not be used since 2 is shipped
with nearly everything.

> 3) How important a factor is performance in our language choice and
> design of the client? What sort of demand, in terms of network, disk,

> and CPU usage, should we design our client to handle? Is it acceptable
> to choose a language that may be slower in some cases for the task?

In extremely large environments, having a heavy resource consuming client
would have drawbacks. However, in most large environments, we look to other
means then using the CLI client to interact with the database, therefore it
should be acceptable to have a somewhat heavier CLI application, especially
due to the numerous benefits of it being written in Python.