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Re: New PBXT Drizzle-specific storage engine...


Monty Taylor wrote:

Can we turn on the subunit output and the junit filter so we can track
test failures in hudson too?

set -o pipefail
make -j16 distcheck TEST_RUN_EXTRA_OPTIONS='--subunit' | sed
's/^\([[:space:]]*test \)/;\1/'  | subunit2junitxml -o
chmod -R +w . && exit $status

Is the snippet that turns it on on other jobs. Perhaps we need to
install subunit on the build hosts?

I have to wait for the next version of subunit before I can install it on my machines. The current released version does not compile on a non-gcc compiler due to hardcoding of gcc compiler flags. I have proposed a branch that fixed this for merging, but it is not merged into trunk yet.