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Other Drizzle presentations at OpenSQLCamp (was Re: Pythian Group: Presentation: Drizzle is not MySQL with Changes by Brian Aker)


On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 6:59 PM, Tim Soderstrom
<tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There's not straight up line-in? With that you could just use a separate mic amp and be set. That or, since it's all digital, perhaps you can record the audio separately? Probably already getting to be over the top for a session video though but could work.

Nope, no straight-up line in.  The camera has an "Active Interface
Shoe" -- you can check it out at

If we're in a similar situation next time I can use one of the other
video cameras in the "open" room and use a mic.  The Sony mic has a
"gun/zoom" mode and a "general" mode, it was on "gun/zoom" pointed at
Brian, so that's at least something.  :)

> It ended up not being quite as bad as I made it out to be once I got used to it. The new fancy Drizzle stuff was well worth it. The REST stuff in particular seems pretty cool (though I'm personally still a hardcore SQL bawler). I also get a chuckle everytime Aker says the F work in front of an audience :)

That's good.  There are 2 other Drizzle videos up, both of which have
much better audio, because they were in an enclosed room:

Drizzle Client Rewrite: The folks from PSU, led by Clark Boylan,
discuss the requirements and design for the Drizzle client rewrite:

Drizzle Plugin Hacking:  include characteristics of a plugin, how
plugins work, how to make a plugin, etc.
Notes (feel free to add your own) are up on the opensqlcamp wiki at

- Sheeri K. Cabral

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