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Re: Improving the Engine API (was Re: New PBXT Drizzle-specific storage engine...)


Hi Brian,

On Dec 3, 2009, at 6:13 PM, Brian Aker wrote:


On Dec 3, 2009, at 9:03 AM, Jay Pipes wrote:

Since this actually lends itself to my current docket of work, I will work on implementing these suggestions this week and will post back to this mail with a link to the code review of the relevant merge for you to add your input.

A renaming of external_lock() also needs to happen as well. With MyISAM soon to be gone this becomes a bit more straightforward to remove.

Absolutely. As far as I know, even the name external_lock() is an old one, with a different meaning to what it is being use in the API today.

Paul, store_lock() is just about gone at this point.

I use it to convert a lock of type (for example) TL_WRITE to TL_WRITE_ALLOW_WRITE, just like InnoDB, to allow concurrent updates.

But otherwise, I don't specifically require the call, especially if table locking is to be handled differently.

I am working out the changes to alter table at the moment (I did a review with Stewart on the phone last night). I am not sure how much you rely on it, but expect a push that will completely remove it within the month.

I would be interested in how you are planning to change this stuff.

Basically I see the following, external_lock() is used to do a number of things:

1. Acquire a handler for exclusive use by a thread (and then use it as a cursor).
2. Lock a table (implicitly, or via an explicit LOCK TABLE call).
3. Signal the start of a transaction or statement.

If we add the functions discussed previously then (3) above need no longer be done in external_lock().

What are you planning to do about (1) and (2)?

I am still finding odds and ends in Cursor that should be up in the SE. Once I have it all gone and the new locks in place I am going to do a review of cursor. From playing around with the BDB and Innodb Embedded interface I have some ideas on what should perhaps be done. I believe most of those changes will wait until next year though,... and maybe we can talk about that in person at a conference.

On a completely related note, I am ponding a name change of "Storage Engine" to "Data Management", since that is really more what we are doing. Any thoughts on that?


Paul McCullagh
PrimeBase Technologies

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