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bzr repository format upgrade


Hey all,

The fine folks at Canonical have helped us out this weekend by running
an upgrade on our bzr branches on the server-side. The upside to this
(other than it taking way less time than me running the upgrade over the
network) is that all of the branches that are of any decent amount of
recentness have been upgraded too, rather than just lp:drizzle.

This means that it's time to upgrade your local repositories. There are
two legit ways to go about this.

a) actually upgrade it.

Assuming you have a shared repo in ~/src/drizzle under which your
branches are kept, this process looks like:

cd ~/src/drizzle
bzr upgrade --2a .
for f in * ; do
  bzr upgrade --2a $f

Expect the first upgrade to take ~40 minutes and each subsequent branch
to take 5 secs.

b) move it to the side, make a new one, and branch things in to it

If you only have a few branches that you care about, instead of
bothering to upgrade, just make a new repo and pull things in to it.

mv ~/src/drizzle ~/src/drizzle.old
bzr init-repo --2a ~/src/drizzle
cd ~/src/drizzle
bzr branch lp:drizzle trunk
for f in ~/src/drizzle.old/*
  bzr branch $f

If you have any issues - just ping me online.


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