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Re: File Deletion issues for Storage Engines


Hi Paul, Jobin,

Awesome! We should discuss how StorageEngine::doDropDatabase() should
be done. I think there are several approaches so lemmie jot down my

(1) doDropDatabase() will provide a reference to a vector that
contains table names (full path) as a parameter. The storage engine
would then use each string to remove the file(s).

(2) Engine calls StorageEngine::doGetTableNames() inside
doDropDatabase() and deletes files based on that information. This
means we need easy access to CachedDirectory.

(3) Engine maintains/housekeeps paths to files that it had generated.
doDropDatabase() will provide a path to the directory.

Personally, I'm towards (1) since this would make the implementation
easy and short :)


On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 11:27 AM, Jobin Augustine <jobinau@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ++
> I think the option :
> Let storage engine manage the files of it.
> (including the deletion)
> is the right approach.
> Thank you,
> Jobin.

Toru Maesaka <dev@xxxxxxxxx>

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