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Re: File Deletion issues for Storage Engines


K, understood. That said, how do we create an infrastructure for those types of tests? Can we use the existing "connection" test case function to accomplish this along with some use of FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK to synchronize the connections to a certain sync point?


Brian Aker wrote:

On Dec 14, 2009, at 9:34 AM, Jay Pipes wrote:

Agreed.  Is someone actively working on the tests?

I added basic ones to start to test for multi-engine. What we lack right now, and need before making additional changes, are tests which check concurrency. When I looked at this problem I realized that we had zero tests at the time that check to see if a running process using a table during a drop will be allowed to hold the table/not get screwed in the drop. Without these sorts of tests.... it is dicey to make a lot of fundamental changes to how things are working.


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