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Re: Improving the Engine API


On Tue, Dec 08, 2009 at 11:23:00AM -0500, Jay Pipes wrote:
> >While I am no fan of a silent COMMIT, it may be the best solution,
> >because at least this sequence of statements will be compatible
> >with engines that support DDL in transactions and those that don't
> >(much like MyISAM happily ignores BEGIN TRANSACTION).
> >
> >The alternative would be to return an error. This would prevent
> >the surprise affect that I get when the server crashes and I
> >discover my transaction was not atomic after all.
> Well, I'm not a huge fan of implicit anything, as you know, but in
> this case, since engines do have a certain leeway in how they advise
> the kernel that they will handle a statement, I'm OK with continuing
> the existing MySQL behaviour of implicitly committing transactions
> before DDL statements are executed -- but in Drizzle's case, only if
> the engine advises it is unable to include the DDL in the current
> transaction.

My choice would be to disallow the DDL if the engine involved can't
cope with it being transactional (currently all).

Probably will catch a lot of bugs in user applications.

> Suppose PBXT can handle ADD INDEX in an optimized fashion, but PBXT
> does not implement the remainder of the ALTER TABLE statement and
> prefers Drizzle's kernel to handle the other operations.  In this
> particular case, we need a way of allowing the engine to communicate
> that it would like to handle *some part* of a statement internally,
> and let the kernel handle other parts.  This is an interesting
> problem, and I can see at least three possible solutions.  Let me
> know what you think of either of these:


along with ALTER TABLE ONLINE/OFFLINE syntax (already in mysql), this should
work for all situations:
- never implicit commit
- allow offline operations (how it is now. also allows you to force
- can find out if the ALTER you want to do can be done online (and
what parts of it can)
- can say "only do this if you can do it online"

Stewart Smith