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Re: testing upgradability


OK, So with the Bell milestone we will be supporting an upgrade path (i.e. we will be concerned about backwards compatibility), so I think we should *definitely* be testing not only the upgrade-ability of the table protobuffer messages, but lots more things, including all the other protobuffer messages defined for the kernel and APIs.

The method you describe below sounds like a sensible approach indeed. However, can I make a small request and ask that the UDF SHOW_TABLE_PROTO() be renamed to SHOW_TABLE_MESSAGE() (or PRINT_TABLE_MESSAGE())? :)

As for using shell or Perl, sure though it should be easy enough to just use the --exec test case command and/or SELECT INTO OUTFILE...



Stewart Smith wrote:
so, we should have testing for upgradability of the table proto.

An excellent simple task would be to take the show_table_proto() test
and get it to create all the tables, save the tables off into
tests/std_data, and then write a test that both does a SHOW CREATE

this should give us some level of assurance we haven't horribly broken
things in the future.

you should be able to do this with a bit of shell and/or perl.
possibly even using the original random query generator scripts there.

anyone game?

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