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Re: lcov broken :(


On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 06:16:39PM -0500, Patrick Crews wrote:
> As an update, I have been looking at this, but haven't had the time to dig
> quite as deeply as I would like (strangely, the missus still thinks I'm odd
> for wanting to hack for fun on the weekends <g>).

not strange at all :)

>  It does appear that some
> of the 'munging' that occurs in drizzle-automation's lcov/run.py script is
> contributing to the problems, but I am still pinpointing what exactly is
> going wrong.

cool... thought that may be the case. Maybe somebody can shed some
light on why there's munging there in the first place.

> I should have some more information ready in a day or two (sorry for the
> delay)

no worries.

Stewart Smith