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Re: Toru Maesaka: End of Year Progress on BlitzDB


On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 3:00 AM, Planet Drizzle

> Toru Maesaka: End of Year Progress on BlitzDB<http://torum.net/2009/12/end-of-year-progress-on-blitzdb/>
> My open source friends might have noticed that I’ve been working quite a
> bit on BlitzDB lately. To tell the truth, I had a hidden goal to get
> Version-1 done by Christmas. Unfortunately it’s not quite there yet.
> However, looking at the brightside I got a lot done in the past few weeks so
> allow me to “journal” it in this blog post.
> Agony of Knowing
> The more I understood Drizzle’s storage mechanism and Tokyo Cabinet’s
> internals, the more I disliked what I previously had. This led me to
> spending quite a bit of time rewriting BlitzDB’s codebase. I was using
> pthread’s rwlock for concurrency control but I decided to design and write BlitzDB’s
> own lock mechanism<http://torum.net/2009/11/blitzdb-and-tc-concurrency-model/>to get the best out of TC (in terms of concurrency). I also rewrote the
> entire table scan code which is something you’d hope won’t be executed that
> often (people should use indexes!) but needless to say, it’s still a very
> important component of a relational storage engine so I’ve put in a lot of
> effort there.
Is the persistent hash table in Tokyo Cabinet crash safe? I ask because of
text in http://1978th.net/tokyocabinet/spex-en.html. I did not find a
definition of 'broken' nor mention of commands to fix a broken database.

 Before operations to store or retrieve records, it is necessary to open a
database file and connect the hash database object to it. The function `
tchdbopen' is used to open a database file and the function `tchdbclose' is
used to close the database file. To avoid data missing or corruption, it is
important to close every database file when it is no longer in use. It is
forbidden for multible database objects in a process to open the same
database at the same time.

bool tchdbclose(TCHDB *hdb);`hdb' specifies the hash database object.If
successful, the return value is true, else, it is false.Update of a database
is assured to be written when the database is closed. If a writer opens a
database but does not close it appropriately, the database will be broken.

Mark Callaghan

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