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Is Drizzle a developers-only project?


Just to play devil's advocate.  Don't hate me :-)  Drizzle has a great
dev community, but I'm just writing to encourage everyone to reach out
more to users.  For example, at the upcoming MySQL conference, I see a
tutorial "Getting involved in Drizzle Development", and another
"Drizzle Storage Engine Development. Practical Example with BlitzDB".
Both sound wicked cool and interesting to about 10 possible attendees,
9 of whom are already active committers to Drizzle.  Maybe I am
underestimating the interest in developing Drizzle or developing
plugins for it, I don't know.  But I feel that at some point, there
has to be an on-ramp for users, not just developers.

- Baron

Baron Schwartz
Percona Inc: Services and Support for MySQL

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