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Re: Is Drizzle a developers-only project?


But that means that many users will actually need to obtain
particular plugins and properly install and configure them. And
that's assuming

You should be able to download source for Drizzle, do a ./configure&&
make&&  make install and have a useful database. Trimming down
plugins is for an advanced user, not a basic user.

Ideally a user would just be using a version of Drizzle from their
distribution (or a downloaded binary for OSX and Windows).

I am not sure what most people on this lists opinion of PHP is, but in this area, they get it pretty darn right. The "default" extensions (plugins) that are built by a ./configure && make && make install are the most commonly used things and things that users _expect_ to be there. Things like MySQL support, image manipulation, etc. Those things can be compiled out if you don't need them and wish for a slimmer PHP binary. The Gentoo package, for example, has nearly no extensions compile by default. They are turned on with USE flags.

So, I would expect Drizzle to compile with the most common, sensible setup that provides a good general purpose database for the target use case that Drizzle is built for, the web.

Brian Moon

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