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Re: Is Drizzle a developers-only project?


And to justify the mail a bit more: Brian Moon said in this thread about
PHP: "a ./configure&&  make&&  make install are the most commonly used
things and things that users _expect_ to be there." Which isn't true.
PHP by default enables only modules which don't depend on external
libraries, so no zlib support, no mysql supprt, no openssl, ... by

Ok, so, how about how things used to be then? I have not compiled PHP from scratch in several years because the Gentoo distro works so darn well. A ./configure --help does show that a lot of stuff does not compile by default like it used to.

> But as there's no rule without exception: XML support,
depending on libxml2, is enabled by default and some libs (pcre for
instance, sqlite) are bundled and activated, while then again not all
bundled libs are activated (gd, as gd optionally depends on libjpeg,
libpng, ...)

If you follow the PHP internals list, you can see that there are logic reasons for a lot of that. The problem is, people like RedHat or Apple will not do anything more than ./configure && make && make install for their build. So, users only get what is on by default. The MySQL thing was pure politics and not technical. Sqlite3 was included by default so that default builds had _some_ database available. It used to be MySQL. Sqlite3 is better in many ways as a default as it does not require a server.

But, when a lib is not there, you can't compile an extension that relies on it. But that problem can not be overcome by any project. That is where package managers come in to play and while we can make it easier on them, it is outside of the scope of the project itself.