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Re: Is Drizzle a developers-only project?


On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 08:53:40AM -0600, Brian Moon wrote:
> The Mozilla site is a little more user friendly. If you want DBA's
> who are not, by definition, developers to be able to find and
> install things, it should be less geeky than PECL.  But, now we are
> getting specific.  And that can be worked out when the time comes.

I'm pretty opposed to having getting out of tree plugins being the
norm. It's an excellent way to break every single out of tree plugin
in the next release.

We do not have any stable APIs... we have less batshit insane APIs,
but they're not stable.

As a developer, the question of "where is this used" and "how is this
used" should not have to be solved by downloading 1,000 sep tarballs,
extracting them and then trying to work out how the heck to compile
1,000 different pieces of software, 500 of which will have borked up
autotools and 300 of which won't build on your dev box.

Stewart Smith

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