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Re: Is Drizzle a developers-only project?


On Sat, Jan 02, 2010 at 10:52:35AM -0500, Jay Pipes wrote:
> So, what are the things that nourish a user community?  Here's my list:
> * An open and embracing attitude towards "newbies" and folks who
> "just want to get things done"

I think we're doing fairly well here. "Limited" resources means that
we have things like packaging and a working (and sane) ./configure &&
make && make install systems going.

But, of course, it could be better (especially for more end user and
less developer people). I think part of this will come from more
people sitting down and (for example) doing what Kent is doing: just
try to get it going and use it. Finding the pitfalls and either fixing
or documenting common traps.

> * A strict policy of "no bashing, no blaming and no flaming"

Where RTFM is always followed by a link. My pet peeve is getting an
RTFM where the M is inaccessible and F in fact stands for Impossible
to Navigate and Containing no information that logically relates to
your issue.

> * Nourish the relationship between the developer community and the
> user community.  One of the mistakes many open source projects make
> is having a big wall between developers and users.  Our developer
> community has tried hard to enable transparency in what we do, but
> we must find ways to give the user community a clear line of sight
> into what we do as developers and allow the user community to
> definitively and effectively influence the direction that Drizzle
> should go in the future.  No more cathedrals.

word to that.

What is the point of writing code if nobody is there to use it.

Stewart Smith