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Re: python client library


Ok, Chromakode and I got together today and merged my branch into his, cleaned up several compile warnings (one persists), put lp:dbapi-compliance tests in python/tests, and did a little more testing than had been done before. Thus folks looking to use dbapi/python bindings should pull from his branch again for the cutting edge. It can be found at lp:~chromakode/drizzle-interface/dbapi.

Clark Boylan

Monty Taylor wrote:
Clark Boylan wrote:

This discussion prompted me to attempt a build of drizzle-interface as
well. I found that I ran into errors building the python interface as
well. The good news is that I believe I have found the cause of these
errors. It appears that libdrizzle went though an API change around
revno 120, breaking the SWIG interface files in drizzle-interface.

Awesome. Thanks! I'll grab your branch in just a bit and look at it.


I have made changes to the SWIG interface files that accommodate these
libdrizzle API changes. I did this late last night so little testing has
been done (very close to no testing). These changes have been pushed to
lp:~cboylan/drizzle-interface/dev. I plan on working with chromakode and
mtaylor to test and merge in these changes.

In short: Yes, there are build errors, I believe I have identified the
problems, possible fix at lp:~cboylan/drizzle-interface/dev, but testing
needs to be done, etc.

Clark Boylan

Seth Washeck wrote:
Monty, Thanks for the guidance.  With both methods I get errors.

The easy_install method threw ~60 errors and the source pull does well
until I do the python setup.py install which throws a few errors too. Being new to this I don't know what's the best route to take; should I
attach a text file or copy and paste the errors into the body of the