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What are the "big" replication problems and solutions?


Hi All, 

This is slightly off-topic but Jay and I are doing a talk called "Not Your
Grandpa¹s Replication-The New Wave of MySQL Replication and How It Helps
Your Applications" next month at the 2010 MySQL Conference.  We are going to
survey the field of MySQL-related replication work and how these efforts are
solving the big problems of data replication.

This is a topic that interests a lot of people and not just rep nerds like
me and Jay, so we though we would open a thread to talk about it on list.
Here are a couple of starter questions:

1.) What are the "big" problems in replication?  Let's say we have things
like availability and basic read scaling basically handled.  What's next on
the list?  (Big data, No-SQL, replication/database impedance mismatch due to
faster hardware, complex topologies, management, etc., all suggestions are

2.) What replication solutions are emerging to address those problems?  Jay
and I work on or know most of the usual suspects like Drizzle, Tungsten,
Galera, MySQL 5.4, Rabbit MQ, etc.  However, if there's something really
cool out there we'll add it to the list.

Finally, we promised to give examples of the weirdest replication
applications we know of.  I have one that involves fish.  If you can think
of something better we'll gladly put it up along with your picture and buy
you a beer. 

If you find this topic interesting, please don't hesitate to comment.  Maybe
we can add the Drizzle community as author.  :)

Cheers, Robert 

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