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GSoC Cloud Based Storage Engine


Dear all,

I am a 2nd year PhD student from the University of Adelaide, Australia. My current research interests include database theory, distributed database systems and cloud computing. Drizzle is very interesting to me. I checked out the wiki page for GSoC and I am interested in the cloud based storage engine sub-project. I have read some of the source code about plugin::StorageEngine and some of its implementation and am going to first implement a very simple storage engine, which does nothing but logging some messages.

However I need some help here for compiling drizzle. My working machine is a macbook pro with snow leopard installed. All libs are installed via macports and upgraded to the latest version. I followed the instructions on drizzle wiki. However something went wrong when I tried to compile it. The error message is

srcdir=. ./config/make-lint.py
 CXX    plugin/archive/azio.lo
In file included from plugin/archive/azio.h:45,
                from plugin/archive/azio.cc:16:
/opt/local/include/zlib.h:1568:32: error: "_FILE_OFFSET_BITS" is not defined

Any idea about this?

Thanks and wish I can have the chance to work with you guys.

Best wishes,


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