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Documentation plans


Greetings everyone,

on my vacation in beautiful Egypt just some thoughts I made for my upcoming contribution to drizzle I plan...

As some of you have noticed I focus on documentation stuff. Mysql (and php, openoffice) has a really good documentation, in my opinion this is one of the reasons why those projects got such an big user/developer base.

Near future: Commandline Line Reference (next weeks/months)

Importing/adapting the MySQL man pages into docbook XML Files to dynamicaly create man pages (and HTML, PDF whatever)

After that: Reference Manual (end of 2010+)

Writing a reference manual that covers the drizzle SQL dialect and genereal stuff (clustering, backup, storage engines)

Besides those above topics that target DBAs it would be great if we would have some documentation for developers (like how to write a storage engine, how to create an drizzle developer workspace). Some of those topics are within the wiki and personal/planet covered blogs.

Regards from the pool (i like to plan stuff while swimming),

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