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Re: Documentation plans


On Sun, Apr 04, 2010 at 01:02:21PM +0530, Jobin Augustine wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> What is your thoughts of using the wiki as the single point for
> documentation?
> It is lacking the content but i don't see any technical shortcoming.
> recently i am putting effort to keep it updated based on all blogs / article
> published by drizzle team members.

Hi Jobin,

well, at least for the man pages and reference manual it makes sense to use docbook xml (like mysql does) because you can generate different output formats from a single source (man pages, html, pdf). Mysql makes have use from referencing to specific topics (like see 5.2.1 for documentation) that would be hard with a dynamic wiki, too.

There are some solutions that might come in hand for that (a wiki that can speak docbook, called docbookeasy).

For the Developer documentation a wiki is probably the best solution.

> Thank you,
> Jobin.