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Tasks that need help


Hi all,

I was interested in contributing to the drizzle project and I was
looking for a suitable task. My first thought (based on
http://drizzle.org/wiki/Tasks_that_need_help) was to look at compiler
warnings, but my build is silent so either there are no warnings to fix
or they're being redirected somewhere I can't see them. Are there still
warnings to be fixed, and if so how do I tell the build system to
display them?

Renaming 'mysql' to 'drizzle' in the code seemed like another simple
place to start, but the spec at
is marked as obsolete - is there anything left to do here?

I notice that the page http://drizzle.org/wiki/Tasks_that_need_help
hasn't been updated in a while. Can anyone suggest any better ideas for
starting points? I'm familiar with C++ but obviously very new to the
drizzle codebase.



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