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Re: GSoC Cloud Based Storage Engine


(please use proper quoting in your replies, otherwise it's near
impossible to follow what's going on)

On Tue, 6 Apr 2010 23:59:23 +0930, Yanbo Wu <yanbo.wu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> - it seems all the major bugs are not for rookies, i will surely start
> from these at this stage.

did you try with any of teh simple low-hanging-fruit tasks such as
sprintf replacement?

> > About the Cloud Based Storage Engine, here is my understanding and questions, can anybody offer me some suggestion and correction... thanks a lot.
> > 
> > Looking at mysql-awss3, I think the task is same here - implement a cursor (in mysql language it's handler). But I think mysql-awss3 is not a fully working plugin, am I right? It seems only the first non-primary-key field is written. So here is my first question, according to the project description on wiki, "write a Storage Engine (or adapt awss3) for Drizzle - allowing storing and retrieving of blobs from Cloud Storage services such as S3 and Rackspace Files", so only blobs are written to the cloud? If so, what to do with other fields?

think of something!

we could support various encodings: json, xml or something else.

or we could just have plain key,value tables.

Current awss3 is for mysql (and an older version at that). We're wanting
something for Drizzle.

> I think we should incrementally improve things, and provide
> configuration options.


> e.g. you could choose to have CSV delimited things in the key,value
> store, or a protobuf format. or just blobs.
> - if I understand correctly,  CSV delimited things means key:(col_1,
> col_2, ..., col_n), right?


Stewart Smith

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