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Re: Stewart Smith: AlsoSQL


On 04/08/2010 03:33 AM, Roland Bouman wrote:
Hi Stewart!

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 11:00 PM, Planet Drizzle
<emailer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
A flexible query language is rather useful though. I think we’ll see the
rise of AlsoSQL. That is systems that present a fast and simple protocol
along with a SQL interface.

Aye to query languages :)

This hybrid system has seen use for many years. MySQL Cluster is one such
example. SQL through MySQL Server, NoSQL through NDB API.

Does NDB support a query language? Perhaps I am mistaken but I though
it was a kind of API, where you have to pretty much tell the machine
exactly what it should do.

Well no - but that's (I think) Stewart's point, and one I've been trying to make too. NDB can be thought of as a NoSQL system, and then you can issue SQL commands to it via the MySQL layer (and perhaps one day through a Drizzle layer)

So as people work on NoSQL systems and try to make an either/or debate about them, it's good to note that it's completely possible to have a hybrid system where you can use both access methods depending on what your needs are - and that such a system has already been around for many years.

With Drizzle, I feel we’ll be in a pretty good position to offer non-sql
based protocols and access methods to existing storage engines.

I have been looking at Freebase lately (http://www.freebase.com/docs/data)
I think it is a pretty interesting project for a number of reasons.
One of them is that it has what seems to me a pretty fully featured
query language.
It's called MQL, and it allows query by example, subqueries (but the
feature could also be seen as a join, depending on how you look at
it), aggregation (although limited), sorting, pattern matching and
Anyway, I figured I just throw this in - I'd love to see this MQL
language (and the webservice) slapped unto a relational database. I
have some ideas for the mapping but I am sure other people see how
this would work out.
I am currently trying to build a quick and dirty PHP script to do this
as a proof of concept.
If anybody is interested in doing this natively in drizzle, I'd love
to help out. (I fear I don't have the skills to jump in and do it on
my own)

I'd love to see this. My current queue is too full... but I'm sure there's someone who would work on this with you out there. :)


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