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BLOB streaming is looking for a home in drizzle



I am once again porting the PBMD daemon to drizzle. I have done this several
times only to have it die because there was never an acceptable way of
plugging it in.

So this time I would like to do it the other way round and get a plug-in
interface into drizzle that I can use for PBMS before trying to get PBMS
into it itself.

If there was a trigger plug-in type then the PBMS daemon would just be a
type of trigger plug-in. So the first question would be if anybody is
working on a trigger plug-in? A full trigger plug-in would be much more than
PBMS would need so if one doesn't exist then it would be best to create a
base plug-in class that would work for PBMS and then be used as the base
class for a trigger plug-in. If there is something out there that would
fulfill this task then let me know.

The minimum requirements for the plug-in class that I need would be one that
provides  "pre" and " post" actions for "insert", "update", and "delete"
commands as well as "drop table" and "rename table" commands. The plug-in
would need to allow for data modification to be performed in the 'pre'
actions for "insert" and "update" commands.

I would be willing to take on this task if nobody else is working on a
similar plug-in


Barry Leslie

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