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param build updates


Hey all,

I know many of you have been clamoring for things to work a little bit differently with param builds on hudson. (Ok, so really just Brian, Jay and Stewart - but whatever)

I've updated a few things.

First of all, I've added two drop-down boxes to the param build build-now builders. The first allows you to select whether to run make distcheck, make check or just make - defaulting to make distcheck which is the current action.

The second selects whether or not to build with --with-debug enabled. This defaults to off.

After that, I added an individual builder for each param-build tag target. The main drizzle-param builder still launches everything under the sun, but if you want to just run a specific job, you may now do that.

I made each individual param builder enabled for concurrent building. This means that if you launch a build against the ubuntu-9.10-amd64 tag, for which we have 5 machines, and there is a machine matching that tag open, it will go ahead and launch your build rather than waiting on the first one to complete. This won't always help turn around time, but it will help in some circumstances.

Finally - and you probably won't notice this, but I'm adding it just for completeness, I made each of the individual param builders use the build rules from the param-build job using the templated build plugin. This way there is only one definition for how the builder runs, which is one of the problems I'd wanted to solve with matrix builds in the first place.

SO - we should now have a set of flexible and yet consistent param builders. Please let me know if you have any issues.


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