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Re: Drizzle in Debian


On 04/10/2010 11:59 PM, Monty Taylor wrote:
Hey All!

Drizzle has hit Debian unstable! Also, python-drizzle has hit debian

It has been pointed out that it's possible that some folks don't have Debian's release process internalized, and thus don't necessarily know what that means.

Essentially, the drizzle package(s) have been uploaded for the first time to the main debian repository. They are currently a part of the "unstable" version, which is where new versions of packages go. If it stays in unstable for 10 days without having any bugs filed against it, it will be promoted to testing. This process repeats every time I upload a new version. testing is then what will eventually be frozen and will become the stable release.

So - in short - this is great - it means we're in the main debian repo, which will make it easier for folks to start poking and stuff (and to start filing bugs)


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