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Re: Drizzle in Debian


On Apr 11, 2010, at 12:34 PM, Monty Taylor wrote:

> On 04/11/2010 09:20 AM, Brian Aker wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Great!
>> Do you recall who was working on Fedora?
> Yup. That would be BJ Dierkes. He has RPMs in his own YUM repository for now and either has started the process of package review of Fedora or is about to.
> He wrote up a wiki page here:
> http://drizzle.org/wiki/RPMInstallation

Indeed.  I am starting with the supporting pieces like libdrizzle, python-drizzle, etc... and was going to work on drizzle packages outside Fedora until it is near a stable release.  Any thoughts on a timeline for that?  I will have to verify with the Fedora community about pushing packages where the upstream source is considered alpha/beta.

p.s. I'll drop a note on the list once libdrizzle, python-drizzle and others are added to Fedora.


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