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Re: Drizzle in Debian



On Apr 11, 2010, at 1:51 PM, BJ Dierkes wrote:

Any thoughts on a timeline for that? I will have to verify with the Fedora community about pushing packages where the upstream source is considered alpha/beta.

Folks who are using Drizzle use one of the releases that come out every two weeks.

When will commercial support happen? I know of two companies who would be happy for me to announce that the will do it, but personally? I feel the software is "ready" when the users tell you that it is.

In other words... there has been 38 releases of libmemcached. Its used all over the place and I have never said that it is "alpha", "beta" or anything. People pick it up and use it.

Do we need to say "this is version 1.0"?


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