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Re: Drizzle in Debian


For something to be in Debian unstable, I thought there were still a few watermarks of stability (after all, it's uploaded with the intent to auto-descend to Testing). Debian has a less talked about "Experimental" distribution that sits above Unstable for the truly alpha stuff. Of course these judgments as to what's stable or not still fall down to the individual maintainers (and of course passing lintian/autobuilds).

I don't know how this maps to Fedora project, but the above implies to me that things should be good to go.

Brian Aker wrote:

On Apr 11, 2010, at 1:51 PM, BJ Dierkes wrote:

Any thoughts on a timeline for that? I will have to verify with the Fedora community about pushing packages where the upstream source is considered alpha/beta.

Folks who are using Drizzle use one of the releases that come out every two weeks.

When will commercial support happen? I know of two companies who would be happy for me to announce that the will do it, but personally? I feel the software is "ready" when the users tell you that it is.

In other words... there has been 38 releases of libmemcached. Its used all over the place and I have never said that it is "alpha", "beta" or anything. People pick it up and use it.

Do we need to say "this is version 1.0"?


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