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[GSoC] Cloud-based Storage Engine


I am Wei Ye, a student who apply GSoC cloud based storage engine
I implemented a simple cloud storage engine in past few weeks.
Please see https://code.launchpad.net/~cuteyw/drizzle/cloud-storage-

This work is mainly about porting mysql-
awss3(http://fallenpegasus.com/code/mysql-awss3/) to drizzle and I
reused most code of mysql-awss3. This is just a play thing, so there can
be some limits with it:

1 It has not been tested thoroughly and it may have lots of bugs. Now
this can support some bacis operation like selecting, updating and
deleting rows. You can have a check of plugin/cloud/tests/t/cloud.test.

2 I remove some un-compiled code of mysql-awss3. It may cause problems
that I am not aware of now.

3 The S3 bucket name, key id and key is hard-coded. For now, I do not
know how to get these parameters from configuration or SQL statement
parameter. So if you want to test this engine,
you need changed this lines of code in ha_cloud.cc:

static const char CONNECT_STRING[]= "awss3"
                     " pku-cactus_cactus" // changed to your bucket
                     " AKIAJO915SPNWPXWXHVQ" //changed to your key id
                     " i+v6L7Vu9jsTWKq0Qr123cbX768JcedgGl21IigV"; //
changed to your key

It will soon be deadline for decision on GSoC student of drizzle. I
spent most of my time on this work in last few weeks to demonstrate my
passion on this project and my coding skill. Any feedback is warmly
welcome. And please point it out if you have any problem. Thanks.


Wei Ye
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