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Re: [Branch ~drizzle-developers/drizzle/staging] Rev 1480: Merge range.



On Apr 20, 2010, at 7:40 AM, Joe Daly wrote:

> Id rather see a chunk removed then regressions ran, and if it is a significant regression file a bug. I suspect there are chunks that can be removed that will show no regression and some that will, if they get mixed together you dont have a baseline. 

I certainly agree with this.

Right now I am disconnecting the heap to myisam conversion. What have I found?

1) Needed to fix the variables testing.
2) I've found four bugs in the join optimizer for when table conversion was failing.
3) One big bug in INSERT/SELECT where rows would be cutoff if failure of disk occurred.
4) One subselect bug in UNION where data truncation occurs because... HEAP to MyISAM didn't happen correctly.

Fun, Fun. I should be finished with the tree today.