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GSoC : Refactor Command-Line Option and Configuration File Processing


I am Vijay Samuel, a student who has applied for GSoC. I have proposed
to refactor the existing Command line and Configuration file processing
system using boost program_options and boost any. Well, to start off i
did some research on the existing command line option processing
mechanism. The existing mechanism is a custom command line parser which
comes from mysql sources and this custom code has a severe drawback of
being weakly tested and is a bit messy. That is why i am proposing
refactoring of the command line option and cofiguration file processing
I have also taken a head start on my proposed project by doing some
research on boost program_options and boost any. It is fairly clear that
by using boost libraries the custom code can be replaced with
standardized code from boost. This code can be brought into drizzle
making the program options processing mechanism a more reliable and less
complex affair. It would also improve the testing and maintanence of
command line options processing in drizzle.
-Vijay Samuel
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