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Re: Working on structs in pbxt


On 04/22/2010 05:24 PM, Sanders King wrote:
Hey All,

Hi Sanders!

I'm looking at the low-hanging-fruit blueprint 'convert structs to
classes' as a way to get into the Drizzle code.  If I was to start with,
for instance, converting the linked list in the pbxt plugin, would that
be as good as any?  Any other suggestions?

I would not focus on any code in the plugins dir. pbxt, for instance, is owned and managed upstream by the guys at Primebase. Where you should really be looking is inside of the drizzled/ directory.

Unfortunately I'm new to Drizzle, new to C/C++, and new to FOSS.  Do I
just work on something and submit it, or should I get work assigned first?

Just jump in and start working! You may want to drop us a line here or on IRC to say what you are going to be working on, just so that you don't duplicate effort with someone else.

Also - we find it very helpful to try to keep your changes reasonably small so that you are able to submit them for merge every day or two.

Cheers, and thanks for any help.

My pleasure!

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