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Re: PROPOSAL: Change to the Cursor interface


Gah...I replied to Jobin, but forgot to reply to Jay and the list....

here goes:

Hi Jobin,

On Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 10:20 PM, Jobin Augustine <jobinau@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> is this REPLACE is something so useful?.
> are developers are aware and using it to a good extend?

In my opinion, it is useful. I don't think there is any statistic on
whether developers are making legitimate use of it. But then, this
information is also not available for any other SQL feature.

> I don't see it in SQL standards and other planets (Postgres, Oracle,...)

In the SQL standard, the MERGE INTO statement offers similar (although
not equivalent) functionality

<merge statement> ::=
   MERGE INTO <target table> [ [ AS ] <merge correlation name> ]
   USING <table reference>
   ON <search condition> <merge operation specification>

(ISO/IEC 9075-2:2003 (E) 14.9   <merge statement>, page 837)

It is similar in that matching existing rows are updated, and if there
are no such rows, they will be inserted.
Personally I find the standardese particular dense and hard to
understand, but this wikipedia entry explains it nicely:


Personally I like MySQL's REPLACE and ON DUPLICATE KEY constructs
better because they don't just merge the data, but allow you a IMO
flexible and natural way to handle the updates differently than the
inserts. But this is besides your point: the standard offers an "Upsert"
construct just like MySQL, but it is called MERGE INTO, and not

> for me, REPLACE is as bad as silent commits (in many planets it happens
> before DDL)

Ok. Then don't use it :)

> all these headache may go if we could discontinue support for mysqlism.

That would postpone the problem until drizzle would add
support for SQL standard MERGE INTO syntax.
In other words, it would need to be solved anyway.

kind regards,


> Thank you,
> Jobin.
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