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Re: Stewart Smith: AlsoSQL


Hi Monty, All,

On Thu, Apr 8, 2010 at 8:28 AM, Monty Taylor <mordred@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Anyway, I figured I just throw this in - I'd love to see this MQL
>> language (and the webservice) slapped unto a relational database. I
>> have some ideas for the mapping but I am sure other people see how
>> this would work out.
>> I am currently trying to build a quick and dirty PHP script to do this
>> as a proof of concept.
>> If anybody is interested in doing this natively in drizzle, I'd love
>> to help out. (I fear I don't have the skills to jump in and do it on
>> my own)
> I'd love to see this. My current queue is too full... but I'm sure there's
> someone who would work on this with you out there. :)

Ok - I now have a very crude PHP implementation out there:

There is also an online demo for the Sakila sample database:

The implementation is just proof of concept.
It implements a reasonable subset of the MQL language (reads only for now)

The main objective of the project now is to get feedback mostly on
what people think about the concept.
If someone thinks it is interesting enough, perhaps we can get
together and discuss the viability of a drizzle plugin.

kind regards, and thanks in advance,


> Monty

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