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GSoC Report 3



During the last week I have been busy with writing tests for the
plugin interfaces. I managed to complete those for the following


also, I have finished the tests for listen.cc, but I have still some
problems with them, which I need to resolve first.

As I started I wasn't sure what should the tests actually look, like.
There is not much logic in the interfaces and it's hard to imagine
what they should actually do basing on the sparse comments :)
Therefore I decided on strong white-box testing and deduced what the
code should basing on...what it's doing. This means that if the code
wasn't doing what it should do but was doing it right, the tests won't
catch it. I hope that if there are such bugs, the descriptive tests
names will help finding the during the review.

It would be great if someone could just look at the tests and say
whether they are doing what he would expect them to do.

During the following week I'm going to continue the work on the plugin
interfaces. Until the next report I think I will have done at least a
half of what's remaining.

Paul B.