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Give a bug some love today


Hi everyone,

Below are a list of bugs currently living in our 'Open' queue.  Each of them
is just waiting to share the gift of curiosity, frustration, and,
ultimately, the joy of conquest with a developer willing to give them some

Won't you adopt one today? ; )

Most of these are optimizer related and are popping up in our randgen tests.
 The transaction_log failures might not be so important as I'm still in the
process of testing that and further bugs are likely to be found.

optimizer: (NOTE: the first two are likely related)
Adding STRAIGHT_JOIN to certain queries results in loss of returned rows

Adding STRAIGHT_JOIN to certain queries results in a large number of
duplicate row

Segfault - operator= (join=0x1fd0fd8, tables=<value optimized out>,
conds=<value optimized out>, keyuse_array=<value optimized out>) at

Crash/segfault in drizzled::subselect_single_select_engine::exec
(this=0x19a7008) at drizzled/item/subselect.cc:2204

Server allowing JOIN on NULL values in certain cases if query includes ORDER
BY clause

crash / assertion in add_found_match_trig_cond

Assertion failed - exec_method != MATERIALIZATION || (exec_method ==
MATERIALIZATION && engine->engine_type() ==
subselect_engine::HASH_SJ_ENGINE)", file=<value optimized out>, line=318,
function=0x84fae0 "virtual bool drizzled::Item_in_subselect::exec()
* NOTE: This same assertion was being hit in
https://bugs.launchpad.net/drizzle/+bug/588408  However, the test case for
that bug no longer crashes, so we have a new bug.  The old bug could be used
as a guideline / intro for a fix (?)

transaction log incorrectly records NULL INSERT into an ENUM as the first
permissible value

transaction log not differentiating NULL values and empty string for char