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Handler_% status variable counters


How do we want index_read and the like to behave?

Currently they're implemented to varying degrees by each engine... and
i'm not entirely sure it's even correct when it is. So I've been working
on moving the maintenance of the statistics to the upper layer.

I've so far gone through the counts for update, write, and delete. These
are pretty simple as there are existing wrapper functions in Cursor.

The next are the scans and lookups.

This crates the added thing to solve of what about engines that
implement rnd_pos differently? InnoDB does it by using the clustered
index, embedded_innodb does it relatively similar to InnoDB, but other
engines will use file position or rowid. So should we count these
differently? Just as index reads?

Whichever way we go, we're going to have some new wrapper functions in Cursor.

Stewart Smith