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Re: Wild feature: query de-duplication


On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 3:05 PM, Brian Moon <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So, one common use for Gearman seems to be running SQL queries through it so
> that a given query only ever is running once at a given time. This solves
> one big issue I have seen with a cache stampede. The application servers all
> run the same queries at the same time. Pushing this logic down to the
> database server seems like a good idea from where I sit. The server could
> recognize that there are N connections all running the same query and not
> try and do all the work needed to send back the result.
> What do you guys think? Does this make sense at the database layer? Is the
> drizzle plugin architecture able to support this type of behavior?

That is actually an -awesome- idea and great usage of the flexible
architecture. Being able to thwart stampedes by de-duplication sounds
so simple, but something most people wouldn't even think of.