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Re: Drizzle for application developers?



Thanks for coming, first of all.

What I meant there (and obviously I need to rework this message) is that the ways in which we are _better_ than MySQL (or trying to be better) are focused on people building clouds. Things that would make building application on clouds (such as automagic sharding or the like) are still todo list items. So for your case, we're no worse than mysql, but we may not have added tons to make your life better yet.

Does that clarify a bit? (Also, anyone feel free to disagree with me here)

"Willem de Ru" <willemd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>In Monty's presentation on Drizzle at the Velocity conference, he mentions
>that "drizzle today" is for infrastructure providers and "drizzle tomorrow"
>is for developers. I just want to get a sense of what this essentially boils
>down to. We are SaaS application developers and we are keen to use drizzle
>as our db back-end (even if drizzle is still in beta). Does Monty's comment
>just mean that it would require a bit more effort/tweaking to set up on a
>server than say mySQL, but that it is still viable to use. Or does it mean
>we should rather wait another year or so before really seriously considering
>drizzle as db.
>Thanks for all the hard work and very interesting discussions here. It is
>much appreciated!
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