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[drizzle-discuss] Query Cache syntax


Hello Everyone,

In my Gsoc Query Cache project, I came to a point where I need to decide on
the syntax to use to either cache a query resultset or not. For reference,
Mysql has a system variable "query_cache_type" that can set 3 modes:
OFF : prevents caching or retrieval of cached results.
ON : enables caching except of those statements that begin with
DEMAND : causes caching of only those statements that begin with   SELECT

Since Drizzle has a different approach (multiple query cache plugins might
be enabled) I'd like to check your preference on that. so any suggestion is
welcome !

My ideas:
1)  No system variable and just an on DEMAND kind of mode, where the
developer has to specifiy SQL_CACHE to get his query cached.

2)  A system variable, but no OFF mode since a plugin can be
enable/disabled, but that means I need to set a default mode (ON or DEMAND).

That's being said, to do that I have to modify the sql_yacc.yy, and that
might not be so trivial.

~ DeD

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