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Re: [drizzle-discuss] Query Cache syntax


If you make the expiry time part of the internal cache key, then it shouldn't be an issue. Maybe with an optional level of "strictness" to the cache for those who don't want to worry about making sure all their expiry times match up.

Tim Soderstrom wrote:
Ooh yeah expiry might be interesting in that scenario, good point.

On Aug 5, 2010, at 6:32 PM, djellel eddine Difallah wrote:

Ok, we can look at it this way: there is a shared cache, and then a user by
issuing a :
*set Query_Cache enable;*
is actually saying that he will use and populate the shared cache,
(Fundamentally different from just disable or enable ^_^ )

For variables like expiry time, I think it's trickier, because one user A
will cache a query and set the expiry time to X then the user B will be
bound to this time if he execute the same query. But I can't figure any case
where that would be an issue.

I'll go ahead with session variable to see how it works
thank you very much.


2010/8/5 Tim Soderstrom <tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes but simply enabling the cache for the session would enable the
functionality, no? How the cache actually works could be independent of
whether or not a user is actually using it?

On Aug 5, 2010, at 3:05 PM, djellel eddine Difallah wrote:


Thanks for the suggestions.

The cache is designed to be cross session. a use A can retrieve the
result of the same query executed by a user B. I don't know if setting
session variables will make any sense.

2010/8/5 Brian Moon <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 8/5/10 2:13 PM, Tim Soderstrom wrote:

Well, that's my point about per-session. You can just enable the
cache as part of your connection setup sequence and call it done.

I think that is not very DBA friendly. A DBA may not have access to the
code and even if they could, getting changes pushed through in code in
places can be a nightmare.

I think the the option to have it default ON with the ENABLE/DISABLE
commands gives everyone the most power.



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