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GSoC Report 6



Here is my plan of what I'd like to do during the last week of coding.

My basic goal is to have all the 'Very High' priorities done. This is
less work than it might seem because as I've discovered while hacking
on some of the remaining files, most of the code in them goes down to
some unavoidable file operations. At this moment I will just write it
in the notes because I still don't feel competent enough to design a
new file access API.

Currently I'm still fighting with table_share.cc (actually with the
terrible 1000 lines long proto parsing function), which is mostly
done. I hope to have it finished after 1 or 2 days.

What goes for cleanup, in a separate mail I will send some doubts I
had and remarks I made concerning my unmerged work. Once these are
cleared out I will be able to mark the branch for the merge.

If any time is left, I will start hacking on the 'High' priority
files. However, I'd see this rather as a start of my after-GSoC
milestone, so I am not setting any goals here.

Wish me luck :)