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Drizzle Query processing modules shortterm/longterm roadmap ?


Hi All,
I was just wondering if there exists any roadmap (shortterm/longterm)
for query processing modules (optimizer as well as execution engine)
of drizzle.
There could be lot of advanced query execution feature that can
be included.
I was associated with query team of one of the high-performance
database product.
They had "vectorised" query operators (All operator would execute
on a batch of tuples rather than a single tuple.) It gave really lot
of good performance improvement because it made better use of
CPU cache.
We can have something like that in drizzle.
Other features could be to have "parallel query execution" or at least
"parallel sort" to start with.

My basic question is whether we are going to deviate significantly
from mysql/maria db even on these modules in a long run. or we are
not going to make any big changes to these modules independently and
collaborate this with mariadb folks ?

Also are we going to merge from mariadb optimizer/query code in near
future ?

Let me know what you people think.


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