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transaction log is passing all current tests


So, for those who haven't been following along at home, Mr. Shrewsbury and
myself (with some much appreciated assists from Stewart) have been beating
the bugs out of the trx log.

We have spent *many* hours chasing down some pretty damned elusive bugs.
Many props to Shrews for his devotion to this and for all of the utilities
he cooked up to help with testing.

At this time, the log is passing all of the randgen tests we have.  These
involve various combinations of queries, transactions and single statements,
and autocommit settings.  We generate a load against the 'main' server,
generate SQL from the log via the transaction_reader utility, populate a
validation server with this SQL, then  compare drizzledump output between
'main' and validation servers.

I have run many (20k+) cycles using various numbers of threads and
per-thread query counts and randomized data and queries.

At this time, I am happy to report that the log is passing with flying
We still need to do some testing with crash-survivability, but this will
require doing battle with the randgen to produce more validation code.


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